Welcome to the Life Elite Fitness!   It is our mission to simplify healthy living for individuals and couples so that they can create a legacy of wellness in their family.  We believe that creating a healthy lifestyle can help each person reach beyond what they believed was possible, draw couples closer together and can help families grow and thrive as they live healthy, together. As a married couple we have seen the massive benefits that leading a healthy lifestyle has brought into our home and marriage and we love to inspire other couples and families to ban together in chasing their healthiest lifestyle.  That’s why, as personal trainers and health coaches, we help you achieve that sustainable, healthy lifestyle that you are seeking. If generic workouts and diets haven’t worked for you; if you start fitness programs but often lose motivation; or if you are looking to drastically change the trajetory of you and your health, then you have come to the right place. As certified personal trainers and health coaches, we specialize in creating a custom wellness program for you that will help you streamline your health, fitness and nutrition into the lifestyle you have always wanted.

Online Personal Training

As NASM Certified Personal Trainers, we believe that your health is your gateway towards a passion-filled life. Fitness is much more than just physique or an occasional trip to the gym. Fitness is a lifestyle–one that is built with dedication, habit, and accountability. A good fitness regime requires looking at all aspects of your body, your diet, and your lifestyle. Being online personal trainers, we are able to be your guide to living a fit, full life.  Through our Online Training platform, we create custom programs that align with your needs and goals.  We connect with you each week to discuss your workouts and can make changes to your program based on your feedback.

Nutrition Guidance

One of the most vital aspects to living a healthy life is your nutrition. Contrary to many diets, purges, and challenges out there, we believe that healthy eating CAN become an everyday part of your life–not just a temporary fix. As nutrition coaches, we help you create a nutrition plan that is right for you, your body, and your goals. We take a sustainable approach to nutrition, and take small steps to create a lifelong habit of healthy eating and living. You can also check out our healthy recipes, detox challenges, and nutrition tips on our Youtube channel!

Health Coaching

We promote a balanced lifestyle by practicing what we call “Functional Fitness.” We believe that in order for a healthy lifestyle to be sustainable, it has to be designed for your unique circumstances, and goals. Fitness has to make sense with your life; if it doesn’t, odds are, you won’t keep up with it. Through our Wellness Coaching, we help you create a healthy lifestyle that is your own.  We will hone in on your motivation and utilize coaching strategies to help you overcome challenges and create a lasting change in your health. We also frequently talk about the real side of trying to balance a busy life and a healthy lifestyle, our experiences as we grow and change, and how we tackle some of these challenges. Fitness is a constant journey, and we are here right along with you! 

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