5 Body Weight Exercises for Strengthening Your Core

Blog post with Daniel from elite life performing core exercises
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Incorporate these exercises into your next workout to target your core and define your abs.

  • Plank jacks : With this exercise you will begin in a typical plank hold and jump your feet out to a wide position and back to a traditional plank hold.

Daniel Burrows from Life Elite Fitness Demonstrating Plank Jack

  • Plank crunch to leg lift: Begin in a plank bring on leg to the corresponding elbow crunching to that side then extend the leg back lifting toward the ceiling for a squeeze in the glute before returning back to the ground for a full plank, repeat on each side. 

Daniel Burrows from life elite demonstration position A of plank crunch to leg lift
Daniel from Life Elite Performing a Crunch in Position C
Daniel performing a Life Elite core strengthening exercise
  • Boat hold: Begin in a seated position with you feet planted on the ground with your knees bent in front of you.  With your abs tight and back straight lean backwards slightly to make a greater angle between your abs and your thighs.  To make this more challenging, lift the feet on the ground to balance or for an advanced version straighten the legs to a full V hold. 

  • Scissors: Lay flat on the ground with your legs extended in front of you, tighten your abs and lift the legs slightly off the ground alternating back and forth through a full extension. 

  • Bridge Hold: Lay flat on the ground with bent knees in front of you, lift the glutes and lower back off the floor keeping your back straight and your glutes and abs tight, hold for 30 seconds or more or return back and forth from the ground. 

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