Our 5 Favorite Healthy Pre-Packaged Snacks

Blog image with two people eating snacks at the gym to depict healthy snacking
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#1: No sugar added dried fruit: We love dried fruit as a snack for trips, a pick me up at the office or even a post workout snack!  Just be sure to choose a brand that doesn’t have any added sugar, the ingredients should just be fruit.  

Image of a package of unsweetened dried apple rings

#2 Smart Sweets 

These are one of the Whole Foods best kept secrets.  These little treats are made with natural ingredients and most only have 3 grams of sugar!  They have all of your favorite treats made healthier such as gummy bears, gummy worms and sour peach rings. 

Package of smart sweets gummy bears

#3 Pop Chips 

Pop chips are going to be your new obsession.  These are like chips but healthier and they pack the perfect level of crunch and pop. These guys are also naturally made, easy on the calories and come in a variety of flavors.  They can definitely replace any of your favorite chips. 

Package of PopChicps potato chips

#4 Go Macro Bars 

These are our favorite protein bars.  They are gluten free and dairy free and come in so many different natural flavors.  These are perfect as a pick me up or a post workout snack with their 10g of protein. 

5 single Go Macro bars

#5 Epic Bars These are great for anyone looking to eat as clean as possible.  Epic bars are chock full of protein and not much else yet they come in a variety of amazing flavors and meat options. 

9 single EPIC protein meat bars


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