5 Ways to Strengthen your Relationship with your Spouse

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If you are anything like us, your relationship may not have made it onto your goal list for 2020.

Maybe you planned a great vacation, a romantic weekend getaway, or maybe a marriage conference.

One of our new year’s resolutions was to grow closer together as a couple and to prioritize our marriage in 2020.

Sometimes it is the little things that can make a world of difference in simply the closeness in a relationship. For us, we complete almost all of our workouts together which allows us to bond, strengthening our bodies and our relationship.  If you’re looking to grow closer to your spouse this year, these are five practical ways to strengthen your relationship in 2020!

1. Train for an endurance event together! So many couples swear by training for endurance training together. As we have been training for the 2020 Silos Marathon, we have loved tracking our success and pushing other to get our miles in. If running isn’t your thing, maybe try hiking, or biking or signing up for an obstacle race!

2. Scheduled date night! Schedule one night every week that is your date night! We heard this tip from Rachel and Dave Hollis of Hollis Co. and it has already made a huge difference in our lives. Planning a night that is reserved just for the two of you makes sure you don’t skimp on your most important relationship. This doesn’t mean you have to go out every week, it can be simply making a homemade dinner, lighting some candles and watching an old romantic movie!

3. Morning/evening stretching together: Kicking off the morning or winding down the evening together will allow you to spend some quality time with each other to be the first and last part of your day. Throughout the week it can be easy to get side tracked, busy and over stimulated which can leave you feeling distant from your spouse. By intentionally slowing down at the beginning and end of each day and taking the time to warm up your muscles and your mind with your spouse, you are putting yourself and your relationship first, filling your cup so you can give back to others

4. Read together: We have talked about this multiple times but we LOVE to read together. Lately, this has been binging different audio books (check out our Top 5 books for Couples Video) but on road trips we like to read to each other as we swap back and forth driving. Reading or listening to books together is another intentional decision you can make together to spend quality time bonding over a new story or learning something new.

5. Learn something new together: There are so many ways of learning new skills right from the comfort of your home. Whether through an online learning tool like Skillshare or simply by watching Youtube videos, you can learn nearly anything you set your mind to. So why not choose a new skill to learn and together? It could be anything from learning how to cook a new meal to learning a different language. The opportunities are endless and learning a skill together will not only help you to bond but will help increase your chances of accomplishing your goal.

We hope these give you a few ideas of how to deepen and strengthen your relationship with your spouse this year! Let us know your ideas and favorite ways to strengthen your relationship!


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