Best Date Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

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It’s Valentine’s Day! To celebrate a day full of love we are coming to you with our top 10 favorite date night ideas!

1. Hit the gym together: We had to. We have talked so many times about how much we love to workout together but if you have never tried it before, Valentine’s day is the perfect day to hit the gym! If you need some inspiration, check out the hashtag #LESweetheartChallenge on Instagram to see some fun V-day themed workouts! Follow us on Instagram!

2. Cook a fancy meal together! If you want to save a few bucks but enjoy the luxury of Valentine’s day, pick a fancy meal to cook together! Try filet minion with this insane Arugula and Wild Rice Salad!!

3. Keep it simple and DON’T COOK together 😉 – this was actually our choice this year! We are keeping it simple and making a nice little charcuterie board (which you can actually get pre made at target) and a bottle of our favorite wine to unwind at home tonight with a movie and some candles.

4. Go local: Skip the busy restaurants that every other couple will be at this V-day and instead find a local coffee shop, mom n pop restaurant or bar in your city and try out the local fair. Most local coffee shops will have a community board and will likely know of cool art shows, theater performances, concerts, etc. happening in your city on V-day.

5. Vision board together: This is probably some of the most fun we have had together, searching Pinterest, magazines, books and websites for images and words to create our vision board together. You can do this digitally using Canva or the traditional way cutting out clippings from magazines.

6. Go dancing: If this sounds too romantic, trust us, IT IS ROMANTIC, in all the best ways! There are tons of local places that have ballroom dancing, swing dancing or even line dancing (trust us its fun). Most places will have a demonstration in the beginning to help you learn the steps and its a great way to have some laughs and bond with your sweetheart.

7. Have a picnic (at home or outside!): In CO, its quite cold in February so outdoor picnics aren’t much fun. What we like to do is make a tent fort (yup, just like when you were 6) turn lay out a blanket and some fairy lights or candles (just be careful to keep an eye on them) and turn on a romantic movie or some music! Another great option is hopping in your car with a picnic basket and taking off to the mountains, beach, park or anywhere to watch the sunset and eat in the car! Turn on your favorite playlist, bump up the heater ( or roll down the windows) and enjoy!

8. YOGA: Trust us, not only is this relaxing and rejuvenating, its also incredibly romantic. You can find plenty of classes in your town or even at your home gym to attend or simply hop on over to Youtube and search for “yoga”. You can find one that fits your schedule, experience level etc. Our current favorite is this Full Body Flow – by Yoga With Adrienne

9. Paint together: We recently hosted a “Painting with a twist” like Christmas party at our home and everyone had such a blast! Grab a bottle of wine, a few canvas and paints from your local craft store and search (painting tutorial) on Youtube! This is also a great double date idea so invite your couple friends and you have a great V-day party!

10. Nature walk together: Spending time in nature is rejuvenating for the mind, body and soul, so put the phones on do not disturb and enjoy a leisurely stroll in the park, the mountains or by the beach. If you live in the city, try visiting your local botanical garden!

We hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!


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