Creating Your Healthiest Lifestyle With Your Spouse in 2020: 5 Ways to Get Started 

Blog post title image of female and male working out with text saying Creating Your Healthiest Lifestyle With Your Spouse in 2020: 5 Ways to Get Started
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Well it’s that time of year again!  The Christmas season is over, and the New Year has begun.  This one feels different because it is the start of a new decade.  There is almost more pressure this year than before to make excellent resolutions and make this the best decade ever.  You and your spouse may be feeling this strife to go vegan, join a gym (or three), wake up at 4am, go to bed by 8pm, only clean with essential oils and only drink Alkaline water.  What if, instead of bearing that intense pressure, we simply changed our perspective…

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This is the start of a new year and a new decade, but this could also be the beginning of a new life.  Instead of setting a list of todos for yourself and riding the hype of the New Year’s until you burnout and give up sometime before Christmas, let’s commit to looking at this new year as the start of a new lifestyle.  This isn’t a box to check but rather a daily striving to make the healthiest choices for ourselves and our family. What this looks like as a couple is committing to make healthy choices together in order to support each other and to build up your life on a foundation of wellness.  Today we wanted to give you our top five tips for creating your healthiest lifestyle together in 2020.  

#1 Write out your vision for your life together- If you’ve never done this, it may sound a bit hokey, but you likely both have a vision of what you expect your life to look like in the next decade, so take the time to write it out together, (maybe make a vision board too!) 

#2 Set the rules- This doesn’t mean the 4am daily workouts or a crazy diet where you only eat kale and radishes.  This means committing to certain, attainable rules in your home and in your life that will promote your wellness and the wellness of your family in the years to come.  Some examples might be, not purchasing soda at the grocery store, or going to the gym together every Wednesday after work.  

#3 Do a tidy up – While this might fall under the cliche New Year’s to dos, tidying your space and decluttering your life is imperative to your health.  A cluttered space equals a cluttered mind, which makes it very difficult to pursue a healthy lifestyle. We like to tidy the Marie Kondo way but you can tidy anyway that suits you and your needs. 

#4 Keep your goals a secret- studies have shown that when you tell others about your goals, it basically triggers a reward mechanism in your brain for simply telling someone your goals.  This is basically getting the treat before you have done the trick. So keep your goals to the two of you so that you can experience the reward of actually holding true to your goals. 

#5 Plan for more fun in your year – the year can fly by if we let it, and when you are pursuing a healthy lifestyle, we believe a major component to that lifestyle is having fun together.  Whether this is planning a trip, learning a new language together or simply redecorating the house, plan some fun this year just between you and your spouse. 

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