How to meal prep the right way

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Let’s be honest, meal prepping is a challenge. Selecting recipes, making a shopping list, grocery shopping and we always forget the one thing we need to make that one recipe work. Luckily, we through much trial and error we have developed a system of meal planning that works like a charm and allows us to try new recipes and makes sure we are not wasting time or food.

Here is our step by step guide to meal planning! First things first though….download the free meal planning template we’ve created here to help make your planning process easy as pie! (Note to self: add pie ingredients to shopping list). 

Step 1: Pick three breakfasts, three lunches and three dinners for the week as well as the cookbook or blog you found them on. (we love to use Pinterest to find amazing recipes)

Step 2: List out all the ingredients needed for each recipe on page three of this guide. (Remember to check your pantry while you do this to make sure you don’t need to buy old staples like baking soda, or all purpose flour).

Step 3: From your master list, separate the perishable from the non perishable items- this will help insure that you remember to use the fresh food you bought so it doesn’t go bad or get left out of a recipe.

Step 4: Assign meals to each day of the week using the three recipes (ex. chicken stir fry for dinner on Monday, for lunch on Tuesday and for dinner again on Thursday).

Step 5: Head to the grocery shop or your favorite grocery store app and then get to cookin’!

Pro Tip: Remember to make big batches of rice, quinoa and mixed cooked veggies that you can add for quick grab and go bowls!


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