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online Personal training, nutrition, & Health coaching

Online Personal Training, Nutrition, & Health Coaching

At Life Elite Fitness, we believe that your workout program should be customized to fit your lifestyle. Your schedule, your body, your circumstances are all unique–and your fitness regime should be too. That’s why we created our Online Wellness Coaching program- to bring your custom workouts, nutrition guidance and accountability all to the palm of your hand. 

When you join Life Elite Fitness Wellness Coaching, we customize each week of workouts to fit your goals, time commitments and equipment options. As certified personal trainers and health coaches, we provide you with workouts that are designed specifically for you, as well as an accountability system that allows you to track your workouts, complete progress checks, and communicate with us at any time. We also provide personalized nutrition guidance to help you fuel your body and stay on track with your goals; you also can track your calories and meals through our custom app!  

Finally, through our monthly 1-1 health coaching sessions, we will help you create the strategies and tactics to design your healthiest lifestyle, overcome obstacles and not simply survive, but thrive in your new healthy habits.

Through our unique, full-service health coaching program, you will reach your goals faster than ever before and finally see a lasting change in your health and wellness.  

What's Included

Online Personal Training

Online personal training brings the accountability and expertise of a certified personal trainer to the palm of your hand. Whether you are looking to lose weight, get in shape, tone up, prepare for a marathon, or anything of the like, online personal training helps you accomplish your goals through fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle. With customized virtual workouts programs, you can work out from the convenience of your own home, at your favorite gym, or wherever you’d like.

What is Nutrition Guidance?

Nutrition is a staple in any healthy lifestyle and a key factor in Life Elite Fitness Wellness Coaching.  Each month we offer on demand nutrition guidance specifically for you and your health goals.  Enrolling in Life Elite Fitness Wellness Coaching also gives you exclusive access to our comprehensive fitness app which allows you to set nutrition goals and track your calories and water intake.  Through the app, you can direct message us at any time to ask nutrition questions and each month we will review your nutrition and go over your goals to help you stay on track!  You will also get exclusive access to our monthly nutrition guides, complete with Life Elite approved recipes, healthy eating hacks and more!

What is Health Coaching?

Health Coaching is the secret ingredient to ensuring you reach your health and fitness goals.  Each month we will work one on one with you to dive into your motivation and challenges concerning your health.  Through our professional coaching we will help you overcome the road blocks you have continually hit in the past regarding your health.  Take control of your health once and for all and finally enjoy the healthy lifestyle you have always aspired to have.  


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