Life Elite Sweetheart Challenge

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Welcome to the Life Elite Sweetheart Challenge!

This challenge is all about connecting with your sweetheart by sweating it out everyday with a new workout leading up to Valentine’s day!

The best part? You do these workouts with your sweetheart!

We love to workout together and we believe it is so important to pursue a healthy lifestyle as a couple.

This challenge isn’t just for couples!  Grab some friends, co workers, or family members and show each other some love this Valentine’s Day!

This may not mean completing every workout together 365 days a year, but over the next 14 days these quick and easy workouts will help you both create the daily habit of exercising while getting to spend quality time together!

While we believe exercise is amazing for everyone and gives you so many benefits, we also believe exercise supports your loved ones! By taking care of your body now you are helping ensure that your loved ones don’t have to take care of you later! While exercise can’t prevent every disease, it has been shown to drastically reduce your chances for injury, bone loss and even memory loss in old age.

So show some love to you and your sweetheart by strengthening your body, mind and spirit each day during the Life Elite Sweetheart Challenge!

How does it work?

Step 1: Complete your daily workout (preferably with your sweetheart) over on Instagram

Step 2: Post a pic with your sweetheart on your stories using #LifeEliteSweetheartChallenge

Step 3: Check your inbox each day for our daily blog filled with healthy living ideas, healthy V-day sweet treats and so much more!

We will be doing these workouts right along with you each day over on our Instagram Stories so don’t forget to follow us there!

We hope you enjoy this challenge and that this Valentine’s Day is filled with love for yourself, your body and your loved ones! 💘


Workout Challenge!

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