Should I Hire A Personal Trainer?

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If you are excited to attack your fitness goals this year and are looking for a fitness professional to help create programs that will help you achieve your goals, you may have discovered that there are more options than ever before.  There is your standard, personal trainer that you hire at your local gym that typically requires a gym membership to that gym, there are free lance trainers that come to you or maybe you go to them a few times a week, there are fitness apps, free online programs, Youtube workouts, Instagram workouts and so much more.  A new option that has recently risen to popularity is online training. Un like apps or online memberships, online trainers can create custom programs foR you but you don’t actually ever have to meet in person. Today we are breaking down the pros and cons of all of these options today to help you make the best decision for you and your lifestyle.  

Standard Personal Training:  Standard personal training typically comes with your personal trainer, often decided upon randomly based on the gym membership salesman at the gym, a free fitness assessment with your trainer, and sessions are usually purchased up front as packages ranging from $60-$200/hour depending on the amount of sessions, the experience level of the trainer, etc.  

Pros: A trainer will help you with technique and will be able to provide in the moment feedback to you while completing the workouts, they provide in person accountability by showing up and expecting you to do the same.  They create customized programs made for you and can teach you how to use the equipment at your gym.  

Cons: Personal training is expensive and often is contingent on your gym membership.  While there are plenty of freelance trainers around the world, it can be challenging to find one in your area that fits your schedule that you can see yourself working well with.  It also does require the in person accountability which can be a con if you are someone whose schedule is often changing.  

Fitness Apps: Fitness apps are an excellent way of getting a great workout in from wherever you are.  Many offer videos of the workouts and are made to help you learn proper form and expand your workout library.  They also typically offer community and sharing features so you can cheer on other app users, connect with other members, and celebrate your success with friends and family on social media. 

Man sitting on yoga mat using phone app for personal training

Pro: They are typically very affordable often ranging between $6-$20 per month.  Fitness apps allow for some soft accountability by offering community features, push notifications, etc and the workouts are often very fun and effective.  

Cons: While there are notifications and such, there is no real accountability through the app the way there is for personal training or online training.  There is also very little ability for personalization in the exercises, for instance if you are someone who is nursing an injury, or prefers to avoid certain exercises, you may have to get creative on your own to finish your workout. 

Woman in plank position using online personal training to workout at home

Free programs (Youtube, Pinterest, IG) – The internet is full of free workouts, some good, some not so much.  However, many of your favorite fitness brands and companies such as Under Armor,, Tone it up, etc. make free workouts that you can try on pinterest, instagram and Youtube. These come from quick workout videos to full length group workouts, and free printable that you can take to the gym with you. 

Pros: They’re free!  If you are using workouts from reputable companies such as, you can get a great workout or at the very least try out some new techniques that you can add to your own programs. They are also a plethora of these free resources on the internet so you have a wide variety of options to choose from.  

Cons: This takes a lot of work on your part to research and select the best workouts to fit your needs.  There is also zero accountability here that you will actually use the program or complete the workouts the right way.  You also may not know upfront (specifically with Youtube and IG Workouts) what equipment you will need which may leave you hanging half way through the workout using soup cans for dumbbells. 

Online Training: Online training is a new offering that trainers have created for those pursuing a healthy lifestyle but needing more flexibility and customization.  Online trainers use a variety of software and formats to send customized workout programs to their clients which can include videos, custom notes, multiple customizable options such as rep count, weight, etc. 

Pros: This is literally having a personal trainer but anywhere you go.  Online trainers have all the abilities and expertise to make programs that will help you reach your goals but are customized to fit your needs.  Online trainers can customize your workouts to fit the equipment you own or make workouts that will allow you to get the most out of your gym membership.  This also allows you to workout whenever it is convenient for you but your trainer will hold you accountable and will follow up to find out if you did your workout and how it went.  Online training is also very adaptable so your trainer likely will be able to make adjustments and changes that fit you and your needs.  Interested in online training with Life Elite Fitness click here!

Cons: Online training, while very close to personal training lacks having your trainer with you every single session, however, some trainers offer video chat options to check your form, motivate you and give that face to face touch.  Online training can be expensive as well but is still often more affordable that personal training. 

With all of the options available, we hope you feel well informed and excited to start diving into creating a workout regime for yourself and your goals. 


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