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Budding flowers under snow covered branches, awaking to the sounds of birds chirping and the sun coming up just a little bit earlier than the day before.  Spring is upon us and it’s as if everything in nature is beckoning us to step back, reassess and reset our lives. 

It’s a magical time of year in that we finally feel the chill of winter easing its grip on our days and the possibilities of new routines, beginnings and ideas seem to abound. 

We love a good reset, it is just the ticket to slow down our crazy pace, and spend a day or two reassessing how we spend our money, our time, our brain space, our physical space, our energy.  Here is our 4 step guide to resetting your life and home this spring. 

  1. Begin with a goal in mind : what are you hoping to have more of ? Less of? For instance, would you like a cleaner space? Or less clutter? Or both? Are you wanting to add more social events into your life instead of crashing on the couch every night?  Or perhaps you’re the social butterfly who needs a break and some time at home.  Whatever you are hoping to have more and less of this spring, write it down somewhere you can see it.  Or on this handy free worksheet we’ve made for you ->click here. 
  2. Start with a clean space: No matter what your goal is, a good tidy of your space will make A WORLD of difference when it comes to achieving the goals you set in step one.  Start off with simply changing the sheets on your bed, then walking through every room and spending 5 minutes per room gathering anything that doesn’t have a home there and taking it to where it belongs.  Then sweep or vacuum all the floors.  A little bit of time spent caring for your space will allow you to focus on your goals and intentions rather than letting your mind be cluttered by the visible clutter. 
  3. Start!!!… small: Whatever your goal is, begin with the next step rather than trying to accomplish the entire goal in one day.  If you are unsure what the next step is, try laying out your plan working backwards.  For instance:  Goal: Repainted master bedroom, remove painters tape, paint, apply primer, apply painters tape, patch any holes, wipe down walls with magic eraser, layout plastic to protect floor, remove any loose items from room. 
  4. Begin!  Even the smallest step forward will help you build momentum towards achieving your goals.

Even the smallest changes can make the biggest difference! Here’s to a fresh start and new beginnings this Spring!


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