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Personal Training


As NASM certified personal trainers with nearly a decade of training experience, we know that the social and personal connection with your trainer is a game changer when it comes to reaching your fitness goals.

As a Life Elite Fitness Personal Training client you will receive one on one sessions with either Madison or Daniel Bowers as we teach you core fitness technique and help you push through your goals during each of your workouts.

Each LEF Personal Training package includes:

  • your customized 90 day plan
  • up to six in person sessions a week with your trainer
  • digital access to each of your programs via the MyPtHub App
  • digital access to hundreds of free additional workouts to add to your schedule each week.


Single Client Package: $75/session Couples Package: $125/session 

At Home Single Client Package: $100/session

At Home Couples Package: $175/session

Note: Only offered in Colorado Springs, Colorado

What is Personal Training?

Life Elite Fitness Personal Training is the fastest and best way to see results in your health and wellness journey.  We create and customize each program to fit your goals, preferences and fitness level and lead you through each routine giving you on the fly corrections, adjustments and encouragement.  While everyone can greatly benefit from personal training, we highly recommend this plan for those new to fitness or who are restarting their fitness regime after any long term hiatus. 

Why LEF Personal Training?

If you have often joined gyms, fitness classes or tried free fitness programs on the internet only to consistently feel defeated when you find you are not any closer to your goals, LEF Personal Training is for you!  As your trainers, we not only track your goals and offer nutrition tips to help you feel and train your best,  we also bring our vast expertise to create workouts and programs that will actually get you the results you are looking for.  Say goodbye to feeling disappointed every time you step on the scale or frustrated by free fitness programs that leave you unmotivated and bored.


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